Values reflect the importance of independence and trust, and the need for innovation and collaboration

The Cyber Monitoring Centre operates with the following values:

  • An independent Technical Committee determines event categorisation based on the available data
  • External parties, including CMC investors, do not have any influence on the categorisation of an event
  • Independence is enshrined through the governance structure and operations
  • A trusted source for event classification that can be used by the private sector, government departments, and broader society
  • Operates with the utmost integrity in all its operations
  • The first publicly available cyber event categorisation organisation in the world
  • Uses innovative methods to determine the impact of cyber events
  • Through a common event language, will stimulate understanding, education, and further innovation within the UK cyber industry
  • Developed in collaboration and partnership with the cyber industry
  • Partnering with a broad group of stakeholders to improve the understanding of cyber events (see Partners for more details).